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London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin

Our go-to bottle… a fusion of Dutch and English gin traditions

Traditionally there would have been less emphasis on juniper in a London Dry Gin but we wanted to mix it up a bit. We're sticking to the rules of a London Dry by using a premium distilled alcohol made from British grain. Nothing added during the distillation other than our seven botanicals and nothing when we're finished apart from cutting it back with local water to a very drinkable 48% ABV. We turned to the Dutch for the heavier juniper notes which we love and combined and balanced the two traditions together.

The result is a super smooth beautifully balanced drinking experience which we hope will convince you to make it your go-to bottle as well.


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Putting a premium on quality Our Process

Our Process

We put a premium on quality

We learnt from our still manufacturers at Kothe that if you want to make quality gin, there is a price: how much we can produce. We're using a premium grade alcohol made from British grain which is triple distilled to 96.6% ABV before we even see it. We take a little of that and reduce it down to 60% to macerate 5 of our botanicals and allow the essential oils to be released before we start distilling.

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"You must not distill at more than 30%"

They are perfectionists at Kothe and one of the key messages we took away with us was that by reducing the alcohol content right down to a precise 29.5% for the distillation we would get a much smoother spirit at the end and with much greater flavour intensity. The downside?... We can only make half the amount that many others make in a single distillation, but you're worth it!

Firing it up

Next we heat the spirit and botanicals to just the right temperature and keep the still at a slow simmer so the liquid releases those flavours into the condenser without scorching and spoiling the essential oils. This takes time.

Once the vapour has turned back to a liquid through the condenser and has cooled in the tanks, we transfer it to stainless steel churns. It rests for a week before we cut it back to a robust 48% ABV with refreshing local water.

The extra week is well worth the wait.

We’re happy to produce less… …if it means that you enjoy it more
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